Warning: Lots of Photos

Waaaaaay back in February when we were getting several feet of snow daily, a kid from the youth group at church asked Becky to be his date for prom. Under the premise of friendship, she said yes. Soon afterward, she started scouring the internet for the perfect prom dress. Being that we were in the midst of the coldest and snowiest month in my 39 year history, I thought how nice it would be to actually wear something strapless and shoulder-baring in May. She found the gown she wanted, we headed to the fabric store, and I made it happen. (Buying a $300 dress for prom is ludicrous. It's more than I paid for my wedding gown. I can bargain shop, people. Never underestimate me.)

This past weekend was not only Mother's Day, but prom. After a gorgeous week of near-perfect weather and much sunshine, the temperatures dropped to low 40's. Suddenly that strapless and shoulder-baring dress was very, very cold. And on the way home from her date's house, as the temperatures continued to drop, we saw snow.




Mother Nature has officially lost her shiz.

It only looks warm and sunny in the pictures.

My daughter. She wears flip flops for every occasion. Year 'round. These were silver.

The date's 'dirty' truck. He was mortified that he didn't have time to wash it. I reminded him that girls are way more concerned with their gown than they are the state of a truck. He was skeptical. He's all boy.

Micah approves of Alex. This is very out of character for the boy. And it was completely spontaneous.

We all loved it. Micah brings a smile to everyone's face.

The wind. OH, the wind. And the cold. AND THE SNOW. That's 9 yards of netting flying around there. You should have seen her in the truck. It was like a vision impairing snow storm.

Becky insisted on this shot. She lurves her baby bro.

The date's sister, and one of Becky's best friends.

And that's the end of prom, 2010. Unfortunately, it's not the end of the snow. In May.


Flea said...

Oh Karen! How wonderful! The dress! The prom! Micah's spontaneous hug! But snow? GAH!!!

LOVE his truck.

HalfAsstic.com said...

I am sooo in awe of you! Beautiful gown! Which reminds me, today is my birthday as well and I am getting a sewing machine for it. ;-)
Stay tuned for disasters.... heh
PS They are a stunning couple and I too, love that pickup!

Karen Deborah said...

How fun! Luv the dress, the CUTE date!, the little boys joy, but snow? Good Lord that is a bummer!

Happy Mothers Day!

Michelle said...

I love how they matched.... and how they carefully didn't touch :) So much fun with the dress but BOO to Mother Nature. I'm with ya on your opinion of her impression of spring this year. Go away snow!

Trisha said...

Snow?!? Wow! That certainly puts a different spin on Prom, doesn't it? That dress is wonderful - the netting must be fun to flounce around in. The picture of Micah and his sister. Priceless!

SunflowerMom said...

What crazy weather! Sounds llike a fun guy to go to prom with! Becky looks fab!

Gina said...

I can't believe you got that gown done so quickly. You are a Rock Star!

The Sports Mama said...

How beautiful she looked! And you one-upped my prom pics, my friend.... I didn't write anything to describe it! :)

Now, be honest....

You went back inside, hid in the bathroom for a few minutes, and cried. Didn't you? (Please don't tell me I'm the only mama who does that..... )

caramama said...

So cute! Love the dress.

Michelle said...

she's beautiful and you did a great job on the dress!