And The Moral of the Story is to Give Gifts In the Morning, Not Before Bedtime

A few years ago I came across a retro pair of capri-length swim trunks for boys and instantly fell in love. I wanted them so badly that I dreamed of them afterward, but they weren't in a size that fit my boys so I had to pass them up. So when I was at Gymboree this week and found a pair in green and blue stripe, I knew it was fate that brought us together. Plus they were 30% off the clearance price so they were just asking to be bought.

I showed them to Micah, who immediately fell in love. He had to try them on right then and there, and wore them the rest of the evening. I was glad, because I would have hated to have spent $10 on something that would never touch his body. We were both in love with the stripey fun. Win all around.

The next morning the boy was up at 5:00. FIVE IN THE MORNING. He ran down the hall, came into our room, grabbed his fun stripey swim shorts, and had a merry time in them dancing to the Cha Cha Slide blaring at full volume. He loved them so much that he woke extra early just to dance in them before school.

I wasn't loving them nearly as much as I did the previous night. The few brain cells that were awake were asking why on earth I thought it was a good idea to buy those suckers. I thought for a fleeting moment that the boy would be wearing swim trunks to school, but thankfully he changed into normal clothes without a battle.

Upon coming home from school, however, he stripped down and donned the shorts. That was even before he found Woody for an evening of togetherness. The stripey fun trumps Woody! I'm shocked that he's allowed them to go into the laundry without a fuss. But come pooltime, be on the lookout for the boy in the fun stripey shorts. That would be my son.


Trisha said...

You have got to love Micah's enthusiasm for the simple things in life. Of course, the whole five in the morning thing . . . that could be done without! I think Micah and Skor are on the same page with the early morning wake-up service!

Burgh Baby said...

I love that it only takes $10 to make kids happy!

Teresa Dawn said...

He loves them as much as you did!!!

Karen Deborah said...


Michelle said...

Oh how fun! Ok except for the 5am part. I love that he finds his passions and lives for them though. That rocks. And when passions are $10... even better.

Poor Woody though.