And This is How It's Done

While I whine about the dog hair that threatens to overtake us fifteen ten hundred times per day, having dogs in the house is really a bonus. I sweep dog hair All.The.Time. but I never sweep food off the floor. If the kids drop a piece of toast butter side down, the dogs clean up all the evidence, even licking the butter up and finding the crumbs that got under the cabinets. If the kids tip their bowl as they're carrying it to the sink and the milk dribbles across the floor, I never know it. Dogs are awesome like that.

We take full advantage of that, of course. If I spill something, or drop something, or somehow make (yet another) mess in the kitchen, I simply call the dogs over, tap my foot in front of the mess to make them aware of where to find the goods, and step back and enjoy. I guess I can't really complain that I don't have maid service. It's just too bad that they're such hairy buggers.

It's taken Micah a while to catch onto this Feed the Dog process. Mostly because we adhere to the 5 second rule. (Yes, even with dogs. But that's in-family only. I would never feed you, as a guest in my home, from the floor.) When something falls, the dogs hear it and come running. We shoo them away, grab it quick, and go about our merry way. Micah knows this, and does it well.

But he's finally learned that having those girls in the house are a bonus when there is food on the floor that you'd rather NOT eat.

Micah spilled Kool-Aid on the floor. One cannot re-use Kool-Aid that falls, and Micah must have been feeling lazy because generally he grabs a towel and starts mopping when things like that happen. (I love that kid.) Not tonight. Nope, tonight he called for backup.

He tapped the floor at the red splot. The dogs were either uninterested in Kool-Aid (which could be very true) or they didn't get the fact that he really wasn't trying to feed them his fish sticks. Either way, they weren't being very cooperative with the Cleanup On Aisle 3.

Micah broke out the Creative. He got down on all fours and showed them what was expected. He lapped up the Kool-Aid.

I find that kinda gross.


Tara said...

Bwahahaha!!! I love that kid! :) Your story is the primary reason we have always had a dog...except our current mutt refuses food off the floor unless it's meat. He will not eat all the spilled food in the seat of the high chair, either. Worthless animal!

Teresa Dawn said...

LoL! That's one way to train your dog!!! Too funny!

I miss having a dog when I spill stuff haha. Our dog Amie though, she's such a picky eater she won't even eat popcorn until we put butter on it. Maybe we just spoil her too much haha!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Oh, Micah! I just love you. What a smart little bugger you are.

I may not be a dog lover, but that is one thing I really appreciate about them. Won't eat green beans though.

caramama said...

Bwahahaha! That is awesome.

I also employ the toe tap, although it's usually not even needed. Usually it's us yelling at the beagle to get out of the kitchen until we are done eating. Then she can clean up the floor.