Summer Vacation, Day 1

So the kids are officially out of school. Micah got out June 11, and the other boys were released on the 16th. Becky is still slogging away at homeschool, but that's the beauty of self-paced. (She said sarcastically.)

So last Thursday was our first full day of summer. The weather cooperated beautifully by blessing us with mid-60 degree temps. Mother Nature needs some serious meds to put her back on track with normal.

So here's what our day looked like.

7:00 Start the day with Micah waking the siblings and cousins staying overnight.

8:00 Putting the smackdown on kids who think that summer vacation and having friends over means they can simply forget that we have certain house rules, like obeying parents.

9:00 Baking all manner of goods for a bake sale over the weekend. It was cold outside, so it seemed like a good day to do that.

10:00 Talk to Becky's school about her computer connection that's been on the fritz. Turns out, the hard drive on her laptop is bad. We've been struggling with it all year. It's going back to the school for repairs.

11:00 Talk to tech support for Micah's Voice because it's not charging and is completely dead. It, too, needs to be sent back to the mother ship for repairs. Our boy is Voiceless, and he's not so happy about it.

12:00 Feed the troops lunch.

1:00 Can't remember what day it is and have to sit down to actually think about it. If the kids are out of school it must be Saturday, and yet it's not really. Hello, summer. My brain is already on vacation.

2:00 Make the boys settle and watch a movie in preparation for a drive-in movie. Send Micah to bed for a nap.

3:00 Micah comes down from a nap quite refreshed after changing his clothes, reading books, going potty and weighing himself. He didn't nap.

4:00 Paid the kids 5 cents for every fly they killed. I hate flies, and living at a farm means they think our house is just another barn. I am appalled at the amount of money I forked over to the kids, and even more so at the fact that you can't tell that any flies were ever killed.

5:00 Start dinner.

6:00 Realize that I should have started dinner earlier, turn it off, and run out the door to get Micah to Special Olympics golf practice that started at 6:00.

7:00 Home from golf and finish dinner. Eat.

8:00 Leave for movies. We've got an hour drive time. Hello, country living.

9:00 Movie starts. Kids enjoy.

10:30 Second feature begins. Kids are tired, but still awake.

Midnight: Pack up to head home.

1:00AM Get home, wake sleeping boys, and herd them into the house. One of them couldn't find the house in his delirium. Awesome.

And if that's the way Day 1 went, I can't decide if the rest of summer will be wonderful or otherwise. Interesting might be a good word.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Those are some beautiful blue eyes! Found my way here from Theresa Dawn's recommendation and LOVE your blog! Will definitely follow! :)

Michelle said...

Oh how fun... we're ummm not so fun around here. Summer school started after regular school got out (but they chose and love the classes). I love the watching a movie to prep for watching a movie. It made me giggle!

Bali Villa said...

vacation with kids always fun fun fun..gerat..

CC said...

Hope Micah gets his voice back quickly. Sometimes it takes a very, very long time :( :(

My kids are on break, but I have one day left. Not sure if that makes me happy or sad.