Winning Tips

Hey, all you newbies to the Swagbucks world. Welcome. So how's it going? Can I tell you that I just earned my 3rd $25 gift card for Disney? Can you guess how thrilled that I am? Hint: the answer is VERY.

So how do I get these swagbucks to add up so fast? It does take some work, but I'd love to see you earn tons of FREE things, too, so I'm willing to share some tips.

The first thing you'll want to do is download the toolbar. It's a harmless little bar at the top of your screen that has a search engine built in. I use this All.The.Time. When I want to head to my favorite websites, I'll type it in the search bar. Never use the website address though, let the search engine suggest something. (For instance, if I want to find my blog here, I'd type in Rocking Pony rather than You'll randomly be awarded 'bucks for searches. It's awesome.

Also? You'll get a whole 1 point for using the toolbar daily. Small, I know, but over the course of a month it's more like 30 points. Cha-ching!

Next, you'll want to take time to visit the Swagbucks site daily. You can take a daily poll where you'll also be awarded 1 point daily. The new Trusted Surveys gives you 1 point just for visiting it. But the surveys will award you a truckload of points if you qualify for one and have the time to complete it. And if you fill out your profile there you'll end up with close 200 points total. Sah-weet.

Special offers are a quick way to add up those 'bucks. On the front page is a scroll of offers, and frequently they have videos to watch that award you a handful of bucks just for viewing. And? Most of them are amusing. Win. On the special offers page you can score several hundred bucks for completing offers. I take advantage of offers that I'm interested in and disregard the others. I've had FREE photos printed just for creating an account with photo processing centers. AND gotten awarded swagbucks for doing it. It's a win-win.

Codes are another way to get some points to add up. Check the blog, the toolbar, the Swagbucks Facebook page, or the swidget on my blog to see where a code is located. They're fun to find, and really help the swag account to add up.

Good luck! I hope this is a winning week for you! And if you're not a Swaggernaut yet, feel free to get your own account to get FREE things here.


Teresa Dawn said...

I love swagbucks :) I've gotten $77.50 worth of giftcards fo far (mostly ones)

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

:) I'm so glad we got you on board this ship of freebies.

ModernMom said...

I had no idea what swag bucks were about! Thanks for the quick tutorial!

Michelle said...

Ok now I feel dumb. I thought it was a FB scam. Ahem. And thus I never investigated. Oops.

Annette W. said...

I had never heard of swagbucks. Thanks for sharing!

How long have you been doing it to earn that much?