And This IS Tuesday. It's A Long and Productive Week.

Today we realized why there are rat snakes. While cleaning out the attic I cleaned out a rat's nest.


Today I made a bed out of 3 pool rafts. It's left to be determined whether or not it'll hold up to a night's sleep.

Today I washed men's shirts. These shirts have been worn 3 days running in 100 degree weather while working hard swinging hammers and putting up buildings. These shirts needed washed 2 times, once with baking soda, to get the smell out. I was dumb enough to sniff them after the first washing.

My eyes are still rolling. I think the reek is coming out of my ears.

Today I was horrified over conditions in Mexico, and what the Mexican drug cartels do to innocent people just for driving on certain roads, or visiting the dentist, or nothing at all.

People need the Lord.


Trisha said...

People need God. You can say that again! Amen!

Teresa Dawn said...

They sure do.
Praying for you guys!