Guess Who Has Internet?

We made it to South(er) Texas and are a mere 6 miles from the Mexico border. We'll be stationed here at a school so we have internet, but limited time. If I blog at all, it'll be mostly pictures. Like this one:

We introduced the missionary's boy to the wonders of Jell-O. Tomorrow will be gobs. He'll probably be in our suitcase when we pack up to go home. We are the Bringers of Food.

But the food thing is reciprocated. We wanted a bulk bag of candy to take to the orphanage in Mexico but were told that the kids of the area prefer Mexican candy. It's basically hot chili pepper powder and sugar on anything. Like these cheetos. I had one and had a half bottle of water afterward. The kids, however, eat it like candy.

But despite all the fun and food this looks like, there's work being done. In just a few hours this afternoon this happened:

The men on our team got the floor started for a brand new building. Us women? Busy in the kitchen cooking. After spending $200 in Walmart (they're everywhere!) for 3 carts of groceries. (Yeh, you heard that right. Three carts. Two hundred dollars. Awesome.)

We're having a wonderful time, and things are going well. We're not sure we're going to get into Mexico though. The road was taken out by a hurricane and the side roads are bad. There has been a lot of kidnapping and worse lately. The drug cartels rule everything here. So, well, yeh.

Pray for the people of Mexico.


Trisha said...

The Mexican "candy" certainly is a shock to our American systems, isn't it? I remember when first moving to Texas and one of my Hispanic second graders gave me a candy . . . . yikes!

Roger said...

I could imagine you taking that cutie home with you. What a great picture of happiness and joy. I love little ones because they always share it without inhibitions.

It looks like they guys made some excellent progress on the building, keep up the good work.

Are you going to add some chili pepper with your gobs? :-)

Teresa Dawn said...

oh gosh, I could NOT eat that candy!!!

Will be praying!