Oooh! An Update From Deep in the Heart of Texas!

I have internet connection at the hotel in San Antonio, where we are staying our first night in Texas. Yeah! I'm expecting to not have internet the rest of our trip here, so while I've got a good thing I'll share some thoughts on our stay so far.

* Traveling West makes for a long, long day. It's good if you have a nap to make up for lost time. Or gained time. Something.

* Everything in Texas is bigger. Holy huge portion sizes, my lunch was enough to feed Sam and Josh as well. I wish I'd known this before we each ordered something Huge. It was also Good. Yep, good enough to capitalize it.

* The weather is hot. I knew this and prepared for it by prayer, because how else am I going to take care of that? I sweated rivers and walked around with wet undergarments for a while, but I didn't really mind the heat. God is good.

* Air conditioning. I realized how Texans cope with the heat. They turn the AC down to Polar Temps, sit inside for a few minutes until their blood runs cold, then step back out into the heat. Their bodies are very confused, let me tell you. I had to turn the thermostat in our hotel up a few degrees to keep from freezing fast to the bedsheets. It might not help that we're not accustomed to frigid AC'd air. Where we live, we own fans. They blow warm air.

* The Alamo is The Awesome. I love walking through history, and seeing something built 300 years ago, and knowing what happened there (RIGHT there!) was just amazing to me. And then because I'm a landscape junkie, I admired the trees and flora for a very long time as well.

* Also related: everything in Texas is bigger. The ivy leaves were as big as my open hand. I was blown away. Okay, if I'm being honest, I still am. Wowza.

* The Riverwalk. It's the most fun place to be ever. If you ever get the chance to see San Antonio, it's a must-do. Oh, the fun. And the history. And the things I learned on the boat ride.

And that's what I got in the day we were in San Antonio. We headed South to McAllen, then a bit south(er) to Right Next To The Border and are working there for the week. We'll be crossing over into Mexico a few times to visit the orphanage. (YEAH!) The time we spend on the State Side will be spent building a house for missionaries. I don't plan to have internet, so remember that no news isn't necessarily the fact that I died from the heat.

We're so excited for this opportunity. So far, the awesome is overwhelming.


Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Bless you all and your trip!

Roger said...

You all are doing great work, no need for the internet. :-)

Stay safe and cool. God Bless!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Also- San Antonio is so much fun, we were there a few years ago. Loved it!!

ModernMom said...

What an adventure! Keep well and cool:)