Here's Your Sign

Micah knows a good many signs, but he doesn't use them as a primary means of communication. We don't push them a lot because in reality the majority of the populace doesn't know sign language so he wouldn't be able to effectively communicate with it anyway. Still, there are some things that are very good to know, like please and thank-you, and potty. When he potty trained (people, he's completely 100% out of diapers for ever and ever AMEN) we were sure that everyone in his circle of contacts knew the sign for potty so as to avoid accidents and embarrasments.

Being a rung or two above simple minded, I quickly saw that this would have benefits outside of Micah keeping his pants dry. Like the time Sam and I were at Lowe's. He was headed through the parking lot to the contractor's entrance and I was headed to the main entrance. He yelled across the lot to ask where I was heading, so I gave him the sign for potty. Here's how it went down.

Where are you going?

*me, signing potty*

What? I asked where you're going to be.

*me, signing potty*

What are you doing?

I'm going to the restroom. Thanks for making me yell that across the parking lot.

Oh. Yeh, you were. Sorry.


Cindy said...

That sounds like me and Chuck. We took a sign language class a few years ago and I was the one across the room, frowning, trying desperately to figure out what he was signing! :)

"Intentionally Katie" said...


Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

LOL! I agree with you about the signs! I thought I was the only one. Of course, Peanut's made up sign for Potty if she actually tells you (we aren't 100% there yet) is to grab herself. That is certainly a sign most everyone understands! :-)