The Number of the Holidays

2 - the number of Thanksgiving dinners that I cooked and hosted this weekend.

90 - the number of minutes I stood in the checkout line at Walmart, clutching Micah's beloved toys in my greedy paws, waiting to pay a ridiculously low price for them.

9 - the number of new Woody dolls that we now own. Micah is clueless and he'll remain that way. His stash is depleted and he's on his last usable doll. This new stash is cheaper than anything we've scored on eBay, and should last a year or so.

5 - the number of brand new baby spaniel puppies gifted to us on Thanksgiving night.

3 - the number of hours of sleep that I got the next morning to compensate for being up all night.

0 - the number of gifts left to buy. And I took advantage of being up all night after Thanksgiving to wrap as well. I feel like an overachiever, and I'm loving it.

4 - the number of Christmas trees I have up so far. They're in various stages of decorated. Don't worry, I haven't achieved that much yet.

0 - Micah's new favorite number. It makes him laugh when he hears it. For real.

2 - the number of days that Josh will get to hunt this week because he got the All Clear from the doctor. He's beyond excited.

3 - the number of mornings that my MIL had Micah from the overnight and I got to sleep in this weekend. Glorious. Simply glorious.

1 - boy who can dress himself and pack to go to grandma's.
Also, 1 boy who was re-dressed by mom before he left the house looking like that in snowy weather.


Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty fantastic numbers! I am knocking wood when I say that I am also a little bit ahead on the holiday stuff and am hoping that it lasts - for you and me both!

Flea said...

LOL! I love how your boy dresses himself. I don't see a skirt or a tutu - why on earth would you re-dress him?

JennyH said...

Great outfit!

I thought of you and Micah while I was at Walmart buying a woody and buzz! Now, we'll see if my kids will even play with them.

3 mornings of sleeping in? I bet that was nice!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

The boy has style! He and Peanut would have a great time choosing outfits and they would be quite the pair!