For Better or Worse, It's Local

Today I determined that an ENT will put ear tubes in anyone, whether it's a medical necessity or not.

Micah needs that tooth pulled under anesthesia, and we are of the opinion that if the boy is going to be sedated we're going to get our money's worth out of that experience. Why limit things to just one procedure when you can do a lot of things? Ear Tubes #8 will be installed while he's under. The ENT (whom I dearly love) was more than willing to put them in for us despite the fact that neither of us could come up with a solid and definite "yep, he clearly has a blockage" kind of reason for their installment.

Anesthesiology met with us today to determine whether or not they'd even allow our boy at the local hospital or if we should just high tail ourselves back to Children's. It was determined once again that Micah is incredibly healthy for a boy with Down syndrome. (Why yes, we are aware that we're incredibly blessed. And we thank God for it, too.) With no heart problems, no lung issues, no gastrointestinal complaints, and no spinal concerns, he's basically a normal kid as far as anesthsiology is concerned. Sweet.

So the next step will be coordinating the ENT with the dentist and choosing a surgery date, but that's between the doctors to hash out. I'll simply sit back and wait for the phone call. And let me tell you, this is soooo much easier than having Dentist A coordinate with Dentist B, and ENT A coordinate with ENT B, then having Dentist B coordinate with ENT B for a surgery date that works for them. If you didn't follow that, it's alright. I barely followed it either. And that's why we've finally decided to allow our local hospital to have anesthesia rights on our smallest son.

Life may have become a whole lot easier for everyone concerned. Now it remains to be determined whether the local docs and hosptial will rely on the seasoned parents when it comes to scheduling times and recovery procedures, or if they'll have to the learn the hard way that we really do know what we're talking about. Heading into Sedation for Surgical Procedures #9, we probably know more about this whole shebang than any single doctor does. At least how it affects our son.

I just hope that Micah doesn't learn to hate the local hospital like he does Children's. That's where Sam works, and we visit there often. Things could get rather interesting.

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Karen Deborah said...

Finishing off with an adorable puppy, good idea for your nerves. No matter how many tubes or litters or problems their is nothing like a sweet baby puppy to make you slow your breath down a bit and just appreciate a new baby. Micah will do fine I hope!

Burgh Baby said...

UGH! You have to be getting REAL tired of putting the kid under. Good luck!

Trisha said...

Good luck and here is hoping that Micah will suddenly learn to LOVE the hospital!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad they are all willing to work with you to get everything done at the same time - and that you don't have to go all the way into the city. Fingers crossed that it all comes together quickly and easily!

Michelle said...

Fingers crossed for you all... And yay for surgery finally being close to home!