My Boys, My Super Heroes

At this point in the month, there are some incredible deals to be had in retail. Stores are desperate to ditch last season's things, and are practically paying you to take them. Like the leftover Halloween costumes we scored for $1.11 each. It's disappointing that the sizes were too big for Micah, but since he frequently employs his brothers to play dress-up with him, we figured it was worth it. Plus, we can cut the legs off if we need to. This was the best $2.22 we've spent in a long, long, LOOOONG time. Behold, our super heroes.


Micah was all over those costumes when he saw them, and he was thrilled to be Batman, right up until he saw that Superman had a cape. He needed to be Superman. He needed a cape.

I Haz a Cape

Capes are sweet.

superman cape

So are six pack abs. Batman, too, rocks.


The bad thing about the costumes being several sizes too big was the Super Underpants look going on. It was a little bit wrong.

Super Underpants

But Super Underpants or not, those costumes rock. Just ask my boy; he'll tell you.



Carol N. said...

Where's the pic of you, Karen? I can picture you with a cape!

Trisha said...

Those costumes rock! Especially since they only cost $1.11 each. Totally worth the price.