Well That Mistake Hurt

Micah has had this crack on his bottom lip for a few weeks now. The winter weather will dry just about anything out, and for little boys who lick their lips and won't use Chapstick, it's particularly hard.


It's large and noticeable, no? Thankfully it's only seemed to bother him every now and then. In those cases, he's willing to allow me to apply Chapstick, or something in the lip gloss line. My goal is anything to make it moist. Most of the time, though, he's not willing to let me do anything with it. And if I had the nerve to apply something anyway, he'd grab a towel and wrap it around his face. That's his way of saying, "don't dare touch me again with that stuff. It's my lip and it can be cracked if it wants to be."

Tonight, at bedtime, Micah decided to show his disapproval of the time by locking himself in Daddy's closet. It was a matter of seconds before he came out grinning, holding Daddy's deodorant in his happy little hands. He shook it, he wiggled it around, he held it up for my inspection. And then I made the mistake of turning my back on him for a minute. When I turned around again, he was applying deodorant to his cracked lips.


He wrapped his face in a towel and laid down on the bed. Poor guy. He was quite willing to allow me to wash his face, which in itself is a miracle. And shockingly, even with special attention paid to his mouth to wipe off the deodorized lips, he's still dirty. The boy is a dirt magnet.



Burgh Baby said...

ACK! Too bad he couldn't have gone crazy with Neosporin or something that would have helped. Poor little man!

Flea said...

I can see his resemblance to y'all when he's asleep. :) Sometimes everyone needs to learn the hard way.