The Annual Peep Jousting Competition

I know I posted this last year, but it's definitely worth revisiting, because it's that time of year again.

With all the Easter clearance going on, I urge you to go buy some marshmallow peeps. I know they're not edible and are the grossest things ever created, but they're not to eat so stand down. Peep jousting is definitely worth the ninety nine cents you're going to spend on those nasty things. Behold.

You'll want two peeps, two toothpicks, and a paper plate. I recommend paper based on our experiment with plastic. Trust me. Set things up like so:


It's important that the toothpicks won't come out of the peeps, but not touch the other one. Close, obviously, but not touching. This is important. Then you'll pop that plateful of marshmallow nastiness in the microwave for about 3 minutes. STAND BY. If you've ever nuked a marshmallow you know the importance of this. If you haven't, you're about to learn. Plus, the whole point of this game is in the watching.

The first peep to explode and thrust it's spear into the heart of the other is the winner. Having a clean microwave door is of utmost importance. Taking pictures through even a clean door obviously leaves a lot to be desired. The beauty of a paper plate is that it's completely disposable when you're done with that round. Plastic plates will melt right along with the marshmallows. Trust me. I know whereof I speak.

Peep Jousting. The first real use for marshmallow peeps I've found. Go, have yourself some fun.

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Trisha said...

Okay - I keep telling people about peep jousting and they think I have lost my mind! It looks like such fun!