A Pause In The Kablooey Effect

"Mom! Mom! He's singing!"

When you have kids, you hear things like this a million and thirteen times an hour. The tattle taling gets old in a hurry. And you'll notice that kids will never tattle when it needs to happen. You never ever hear things like, "Mom! Freddie is trying to climb out the window to reach the roof. He has a homemade parachute!" That only happens on Phineas & Ferb. Instead, it's always things that don't matter.

All day long it's "he's looking at me" or "his breath stinks" or "he stunk up the bathroom and now I'll have to hold myself for an hour to wait for it to clear." Stupid stuff. Stuff that makes your head spin until it explodes. Stuff that makes you wonder why you had kids in the first place.

And yet, when I heard the seven thousandth tattle that day, my heart swelled with immense pride. "Mom! Mom! He's singing!" Sure, it's petty and would induce head spinning on any given day, but that's only if it came from one of the older three kids. But we treat Micah differently. Milestones are huge things in his world since you never know when he'll accomplish one.

Micah has reached the age of tattle taling. It's going to be a very long and frustrating few years before we're through this, I'm sure, but it's a cognitive milestone that nobody even knows to celebrate with other kids. We didn't. But we do now.

And also? I heard it. "Mom! Mom! He's singing!" as he pointed to his older brother who was, indeed, singing. I heard it clearly. And it was so very sweet.

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Roger said...

Awesome! At least for a little while. ;) It's good to hear that Micah has decided to join the tattle party. You might want to touch up on that serenity prayer though, as I suspect your joy may be short lived.

Nah, he's the baby. They get free reign to do that kind of stuff. :)

Susannesusannadanna said...

Ohimgosh Karen!! That's wonderful!! So does this mean that Micah is talking now?? A little bit at least?? I thought he was using his
'voice box' or whatever they call it!! This is great news and I so need to see you and catch up with you!! (((Hugs))), Susanne

Karen said...

Susanne - he's working more and more on talking. That sentence was not as clear as all that, but clear enough to be understood. He still uses his talker though.

And yes! We need to get together!

HalfAsstic.com said...

Ha! Do I dare say it? Enjoy it! This is wonderful! He'll be complaining about how you cooked his eggs before you know it.

Michelle said...

Yay Micah! Instead of "The Voice" he's using HIS voice! How exciting!!!

JennyH said...

yay Micah.

Max tells on his siblings a lot. Not as much as thy tell on each other though.

Speaking of Phineas & Ferb, I hate when Candice says, "MOM, Phineas & Ferb are making a title sequence!" The "Mom" sounds just like my kids. Drives me crazy. How many times a day can you hear 'mom'.. he is doing blah, blah before your head explodes??