We're Working On Our Snubbing Skills

I had a scary revelation today. Sit down for this, just in case you weren't aware of it either.

Summer is 1/3 over.

I know, right?! Where does the time go? The kids and I have so much to do while they're off school, and I feel as though school is already eyeballing us from the horizon. It's not good. I'm not happy. So to combat that impending return to school, the kids and I went on a picnic today. Nothing says Summer like a picnic. See?

27 picnik

There's this super duper awesome place just over a few hills from us (translation: an hour's drive, like everything is around here) that has about thirteen playground areas besides that many pavilions and picnic areas.

27 merry go round

It has the best areas for photo opportunities as well.

27 the kiddos

But the real draw for this super duper awesome place is the sliding board. The one that goes the whole way down the hillside, with a bump or two in it just for fun.

27 slide

The kids love that slide immensely, and it's very handy at helping to snub school, mocking us from the horizon.


Burgh Baby said...

*I* want to play on that slide! Holy cow!

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh,I totally want to come and play on that slide too!!!