Superbly Heroic

While at Legofest, I saw something that piqued my interest. I took a picture of it to remind myself to try it, and as luck would have it, we stopped at Old Navy on the way home. I bought what I needed to make it happen.



The boy loves super hero wear. Capes are da bomb, and masks are awesome. The best part is that this cost me $3 on a clearance shirt. Mens size Large, to be exact. I probably could have gotten away with a medium.

Directions: Cut the shirt up both sides, cutting off the sleeves.

Cut the front off, leaving the neckline ring.

Yep, that's it. You're done with the cape. But there's also a mask. See?


And the really super good news is that it's even easier to make than the cape.

Directions:  Cut one of the sleeves to a total length of just a few inches. (Depending on the size of your kid's head, of course.)

Put on your kid's head and mark where the eye holes are.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT CUT EYE HOLES WHILE YOUR KID IS WEARING THE SLEEVE. Egads, I am not taking responsibility for those of you who are all about breaking rules and forging your own way.

After cutting eye holes, you're going to cut a nose curve between them, and then you're completely finished.

You can add all sorts of funness to that cape and mask with permanent markers or fabric paint. Or you can let your super hero decorate his or her own. The cape and mask alone will inspire pride and heroic efforts. It's the best $3 I've spent in a very long time.



Heather said...

Love it. And Micah looks more than thrilled :)

Rebecca said...

Love this idea! So easy. And Micah does look particularly pleased! Well done.

Cheri said...

Too cool! Thanks for sharing.

Nikki said...

Brilliant!!!! said...

How cute! Captain Americia... AWAAAAAAY!

(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

I'm totally doing this for Super Dude. (btw, Super Hisname was on his teeball jersey. Yea, I'm the awesomest mom in the world.)