Two Birds, One Stone. And a Check Off the List.

It's been a fun summer so far. And the best part is that it's only been a week. *sigh* Life is good.

While Luke has his list of fun things to do this summer, I have a similar get-done list. Most of the get-dones have been started over a year ago. And there's the grill surround that was started quite a number of years ago. This summer alone I started a stone fire pit and a stone patio that may or may not ever get finished before summer is over. Here's hoping.

But I did get a few things done already this summer and I'm incredibly proud of myself for them. One of them is the planting of the gardens. When buying vegetables at the greenhouse this spring, I was suffering a rare form of dementia where you lose your mind and have no idea what either your right hand *or* your left is doing. Neither can you count, and your math perception is WAY off. I came home from that other-worldly trip with nearly 7 dozen tomato plants. And because I loathe wasting anything, I planted them all. Our plan is to can tomato sauce and make salsa to feed the family this winter. I'm pretty sure we've got enough tomatoes to do that with.

The other thing I started (and finished!) this summer was make more seating for around the fire pit. I have debated for years on how to do a fire pit and what kind of seating I need for around it, but this summer I realized that something just needs to happen. So I made it happen, thanks to my newest love, Pinterest. I found an awesome concrete block bench and though, "Hey, you! You have some of those lying around just taking up space and looking terribly cluttery. How 'bout you turn them into that bench there and not only take care of that seating problem but tidy up the place as well. One stone, two birds."

So that's just what I did.

Bonus: The Boy thinks it's his personal outdoor bed. He approves.

And while they're not the classiest things you've ever seen, they're actually comfortable, and a wonderful height, and the improvised armrests/cup holders rock. Except the part where you can see those unsightly holes in them.

Two things, checked right off my list. And it's just the first week of summer. Go, me.

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Go you, indeed! Good Job, Karen! I love Pinterest! You and I have a lot in common in the pictures we like. I haven't even gotten on there in days, need to check it out. But, you're right, there are tons of great ideas on there!
The cushion looks adorable, too! Did you make it?