It Was Redneck Day at the Farm. Or Is That Redundant?

With two teens, it occurred to me that my days of parenting kids that appreciate fun and get super excited over tiny little things are numbered. I  know that we have Micah, who will always get excited over tiny little things, but he does everything that his siblings do so I'm guessing that he'll find a way to squelch his excitement over fun just to conform. So with my days severely numbered, I've determined to make this the best summer ever. Or, The Best Summer Ever, even.

To that end, Luke made a list of summer fun, and we'll check things off as we accomplish them. The awesome part is that they've been out of school less than a week and we've checked off quite a few. Another awesome thing is that it feels much longer than less than a week, and I'm thrilled to death. How I love my kids here with me all day, with no thought to schedules, or waiting for the bus to deliver them to me at the end of the day.

(Get back with me in about 2 months. My tune will probably change dramatically.)

Today's fun? Target shooting. It was a family event, except for the daughter who is anti all things redneck. We're beginning to wonder if she was somehow switched at birth. The boys and I had a good time, however. See?

9 luke takes aim

9 helping hand

9 cringe

9 he shoots

Micah was all kinds of ticked that he couldn't shoot the pistol, but it kicks just a WHOLE LOT MORE than he can handle, even with Daddy's help. We let him shoot the .22 because it's an easy shoot, but only with heavy supervision and a lot of must-follow rules.

And then, because he wanted to shoot all by himself like the rest of the family was, we turned him loose with the BB gun. Since he can't pump it himself, or load a pellet, it was totally safe. And it made him happy to hear that air puff  when he pulled the trigger. All by himself.

9 on his own

1 comment: said...

Air gun! What a perfect solution for Micah!
Poor Becky! Kessa is 21 now and finally beginning to see the fun in "the red-neck family times". I think a lot of it has to do with her boyfriends love of all things rural.
I didn't know Micah is left handed!