I'm Kinda Thinking This is a Good Thing

Micah imitates everything that he sees. This is good and bad. Let me give you mental illustrations.

Scenario One

We have boys in our family. (duh) Boys roughhouse and wrestle and pants each other and fart. Micah does all that, too, and laughs, because he's doing what the "big boys" do. And while the roughhousing and wrestling are pretty much good, and the farting can't be curbed no matter what this mama tries to do, it's the pantsing that has caused an issue. Thankfully, Micah seems to know that one doesn't do that in public (or it hasn't occurred to him to do that in public yet) but at home, the boys are generally in danger of having their nethers exposed at any given time.

This became a huge issue the other day when Micah exposed everything on a particularly good pantsing. The older boys were irate over it, but I reminded them that it was they who taught Micah that pulling someone's pants off was acceptable behavior. If they are going to continue doing it, so will Micah. If they want him to stop, so will they. End of story. They decided that it is now a banned practice in our home.

Scenario Two

Becky has a boyfriend. While we discourage any form of physical contact, and prefer for them to gaze lovingly into each other's eyes from across a room, they have other plans. (And she mumbles things about lame parents while rolling her eyes...) When they think we're not looking, they'll smooch or hug. I know this because I'm not stupid. And also because when I walk into a room or turn around, I'll catch them. But mostly because I'm not stupid.

Micah has taken quite a shine to The Boyfriend. He'll high five him frequently, and has started hugging him when he leaves. But recently, he's decided that he needs to kiss said boyfriend. Odd, because he doesn't randomly kiss people. And not only does he want to smooch, but insists he needs to plant one on the lips.

I actually enjoy the whole awkward thing with the boyfriend trying to ward off a very determined Micah. Heh.

Since The Boyfriend isn't around daily, it took me a while to realize that Micah is imitating his sister. That is what one does with The Boyfriend - kiss and hug. And while Becky is all, "Micah, you can't kiss him on the lips!" I just sit back and smile while saying, "it's only what he's seen you do. You have to make a choice. No kissing, or allow him to do what you've shown him is acceptable."

The nonverbal boy is going to be the best chaperone ever. I love it.



Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Yep. Sounds like it will be good to have him around! Love it!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I love Micah! And, my darling son pulled up my dress tonight & exposed my cotton candy pink lace panties to an entire restaurant. So I get the pantsing.

Eternal Sunshine said...

I love that kid!!

And I'm dying over AFFs comment!

Roger said...

I love Micah and I really love how your mind works... bwah ha ha ha ha!!

The Sports Mama said...

Can I borrow him? And you can send Becky with him if you want....we no longer have a girlfriend we'd need to worry about here. :)

(Although every time I say that, he twarts me and gets one. Grr.)

Yeah, I understand the house full of boys thing. The farting and the burping. The roughhousing. (Or is that two words?? Whatever.) And yes, even the pantsing.

At least, until puberty hit. Then no one wanted mama to see that they weren't just getting hair in their armpits. ;) Lucky me.

The Sports Mama said...


This is what I get for typing this late at night. I meant tHwarts.

JennyH said...

That is good! I dread the thought of boyfriends/girlfriends. Hopefully it won't happen for a long time here. (Although, Joe has already been married and divorced at the ripe age of 5 1/2!)

Micah will be a great one to have around when Becky and boyfriend are alone!!

Flea said...

Rock. ON.

HalfAsstic.com said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! You know he has to go along on all dates, don't you?