It's In My Head

Early in the summer, while on an outing with the kids, I got a grand idea for a portrait of the kids. I wasn't able to do it that day, and then summer took off and we just didn't get to attempt it in the following 3 months. Last week, the opportunity was (kind of) upon us. With only 3 of the 4 kids, we headed to the state park and I tried to make that portrait come to life.

The park has a sleepy little road through the forest, and the striped shadows on the pavement make me very happy. I had this grand plan to place each kid in a spot of light, so that it would look like the sun was shining down right on them.

The first problem happened when Micah wasn't so keen on standing right there. Or even how about here. And certainly not just be still for a minute, please. So Becky got the bright idea to make circles on the road where each kid would stand. Sometimes Micah thinks things like that are fun, and his compliance level will suddenly become elevated to a near cooperative level.

And he did become cooperative. He took it upon himself to be the circle drawer.


xcept that he missed the part where I wanted kids at certain places. The kids needed to be in the right spots to make things happen like they did in my head. The sunlight, you know. And shadows.


He grapsed that I wanted kids to stand in circles, however, and lined the circles up nicely. It made for a very I love my siblings photo.


I finally realized that Micah was just going to be uncooperative in carrying out my grand photography scheme. I place Becky and Luke where I needed them, and let Micah do his own thing.


And it turns out that Micah knew what he was doing and I didn't. That awesome portrait of the kids on the road didn't turn out nearly like I envisioned it in my head, but Micah's take on it isn't a bad little shot of the kiddos. Next time, I'll just ask his advice.

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Carol N. said...

I don't know, I kind of like the one foot, one elbow :o)