School, It Starts Tomorrow

'Twas the night before school started, and it looked rather like any other night. Okay, the little boys were bathed and in bed earlier, but other than that, it looked rather normal. Okay, by "normal" I mean there was newly canned tomato sauce cooling on the counter, homemade salsa odors permeated the house, and freshly picked corn was chilling in the freezer for winter.

We believe in working the kids to death right down to the wire to make them appreciate sitting around in school that first week.

Bookbags were gathered, scheduled secured, important paperwork that should have been turned in at the end of last year was found (we now know why Josh wasn't called for soccer camp this month), and mama was frantically trying to make sure everyone had clean underwear fresh from the laundry. Yep, it was a normal 'twas the night before school night.

I asked Becky if I should make cinnamon rolls for the boys' breakfast for their first day, or do something less labor-intensive that they'd love equally. (I love through baking, it's what I do. And no, there are no houses for sale nearby for you to move in next door.) Her reply? "I was going to get up early and make them chocolate chip pancakes. They all really love them."

I need a collective awwwww here, people. That girl gets up early for nobody. She, too, loves through cooking.

I've trained her well.

Kids Camp 209


jayna said...

Awww, now that is really sweet. That's the kind of big sister all boys probably want - one that feeds them, especially chocolate goodness.

Annette W. said...

Not just AWWW....but WOW! Go Becky!

Trisha said...

What a sweet girl! She must have a wonderful mother.