Things That Went Down Today

 Today was very random, even for our place.

We had the home inspection this morning for the remortgage appraisal. I was all sorts of curious what the value of the home is now that we've added a patio, almost finished the basement, got a ton of landscaping done, installed a pond.... And I have to wait a week for results. Or more. "I'm slow at these things" is not something that you get excited about hearing in a situation like this.

And as I was out and about on the grounds, greeting my girls, I noticed one of the corgis was winking at me. It's never good when a dog winks at you, especially if they've not been trained to do so. (Ours have not.) It's even worse if you have to peel the crusty stuff off the eye to see what's going on behind it. The poor dog scratched over 1/3 of her cornea. She's now in the house to avoid the sunlight while she's on meds that dilate her pupils. She's also on pain meds because, wow, scratched eyes are incredibly painful. Poor Stella.

I ran to Walmart after the vet visit to pick up dog food and milk (Yum! Dinner anyone?)) and was on my way home when I realized that Micah was due to be dropped off at home five minutes ago. Yes, as in, I should have been home to get him off the van. And I wasn't. Egads, the panic. And egads, the poor, POOR boy who was terrified out of his tiny wits at finding himself family-less, lost bowel control, stripped, and was running through the yard crying in hysterics as I pulled in the driveway. He calmed quickly after hugs and apologies and resumed his normal after-school routine very quickly.

While getting ready for his bath this evening, Micah was standing in front of the mirror admiring his handsome little self. It was then that he noticed the tooth he lost over two weeks ago. Mind you, when it fell out, he simply spit it out, ran to the bathroom and spit into the sink, and flushed the tooth down the toilet. (He has zero clue about losing teeth.) But tonight he noticed that gap in the lower half of his smile, and he freaked. He cried for 45 minutes, and I have a lot of reasons to believe it has less to do with the tooth than the fact that Mama forgot about him this afternoon after school. Huge parenting fail, right there. I've got a whole lot of guilt.

And through the course of the day, the smell has come back. Thanks to the record keeping qualities of blogging, I know that the ammonia that I smell with every breath is not a result of the cleaning I've done, but that overactive olfactory nerve. I also know that I'll need to see the ENT to make it go away, and preferrably before the I-smell-ammonia-induced headache comes on.

Today was so random. Even for this place.



Annette W. said...

Oh, Karen! What a day! As the sun comes up, I hope today is a fresh start!

morvy said...

Poor Stella- I'm wishing her a speedy recovery!

(we had to put our Shih-tzu down last week- he had an ulcerated cornea that eventually ruptured. He was 10. He was our first 'fur-baby' and we miss him so very much-there is a huge void in our family now.)

Karen said...

Morvy - I'm so sorry! It hurts to lose one of our beloved pets.

Trisha said...

Random is certainly that word to describe your day. So sorry to hear about the winking Corgi (for the record, winking cats are not a good sign either). Hope you avoid the ammonia induced headache.