Halloween Funness

Halloween is traditionally all about candy. Candy is awesome, so I totally approve. And every year I try to find something a little more fun to do with candy than just give it. We get no trick-or-treaters here, so the creativity has to be directed toward Micah's class. The other kids have what seems like half the county in their classes, and creativity is hindered by finances. Sad, but true.

This year I found this cute little thing to do with Hershey bars.

And this cute little thing to do with Tootsie Pops.

Pinterest is awesome for sharing fun ideas like this. And I got super excited about making these fun things for a treat bag for each kid in Micah's class. I bought a full size Hershey bar for each kid, and a bag of Tootsie Pops, and a bag of googly eyes. It was fun. I was excited. I should have seen it coming, of course.

Some of the kids in Micah's class have allergies and can't have candy.

First of all, I really feel badly for these kids. Halloween is all about candy, and the other 364 days of the year are fun days to have candy as well. While a candy allergy would probably do me a lot of good in the health department, I'd be totally bummed about it. Hence, I feel totally bummed on behalf of these poor kiddos.

Secondly, I needed to get really creative in getting non-candy things for the friends in Micah's class. While I could run out to get stickers, Play-Doh, and Matchbox cars, I have this thing for homemade goodies. I wish I wasn't so weird like this. On my to-do list are things like silly putty, and finger paint, and crayons.

I mastered the crayons, and it was actually a whole lot of fun. Back to school time is the most fun time to be in Walmart because all the organizational stuff makes me very happy. And the prices! Ohhh, the prices. I get Crayola crayons for less than half a dollar. And I buy no less than a dozen packs every August. They come in handy for times like this.

Becky and I spent some time slipping off crayon papers (kindergartners all over the world are now jealous of us)  and chopping crayons into itty bitty pieces. We filled muffin tins nearly full with coordinating crayon colors, then popped them in the oven for a few minutes until they were all melty.

And then we just let them sit there for a few hours, cooling. I wanted to be sure the centers were completely firmed and cooled. The one that we tested wasn't quite. That one will be Micah's. And miraculously, once they're cooled, they just fall out when you turn the pan upside down.

See how fun these things are?

And I know they're huge, but considering that Micah's class has kids much like him, they all benefit from big, chunky things like preschool pencils and extra huge crayons made in muffin tins.

Now I've just got to get that other stuff made, along with the kids' Halloween costumes. Procrastination is da bomb.

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