You're Invited

It's October. The end of October, actually. I know you're not shocked by this because we've lived in October for several weeks now, but I waited until the end to mention the fact that we're living the corn maze again. It's just something we do on the weekends.

The maze, of course, is a good time. It twists and turns and circles back on itself. There's the bridge to view the lost and wandering, or to scout out where you're going next. Or to find your way out if you need to.

There is the water balloon sling shot, which is a favorite of everyone except the one filling the balloons. And no, we don't ever shoot at people. That was for photographical comic only.

The go carts are Micah's newest love. He is big enough this year to pedal all by himself, and pedal he does. Round and round and round...

Josh proudly drives kiddos on the train, with his own lawn tractor. He's far happier to do that than fill water balloons.

But one of the most fun things to do at the corn maze is the slide. The great big huge giant slide. The one that dumps you out in a heap of straw at the bottom to stop you from plowing into the corn field. The kids love that like they love nothing else. See the size of it?

And see the sheer joy the kids feel while riding it?

If you're ever in our neck of the woods, you'll have to be sure to stop in. It's the best few hours of your entire October.


Cindy said...

Wow! I wouldn't mind going on that slide!! I wish we lived closer!

ericsmommy said...

wow someday we might do a road trip :)