But It's So, So....

Micah is a wise man in the church play. This means that he needed a costume to wear. No problem. I had blue fabric, and gold fabric, and fun trim ribbon, and gold star flecked tulle. It was going to look regal.

On Friday evening, just the little boys were home with me. Luke, being a kinda responsible tween, took himself to bed at his bedtime. Micah, however, has no such compliant tendencies when it involves him being vertical, still, and closing his eyes. And since I was busy sewing something regal, I didn't have the time to make him become vertical nor close his eyes. He sat in the sewing room and played.

But the boy is observant. And astute. Plus, when I held the robe up to him to be sure it was the right length, he kinda figured out that it was for him. And suddenly, he became terribly interested in what I was making, wanting to try it on every step of the way.

When it was finished, he was quite thrilled. It was a dress. For him. And it made him very happy indeed. He was loathe to take it off, but it was now time to make him go to bed, and the robe needed bagged for the play the next day.


At the nursing home, the kids were doing a full dress rehearsal for the residents, debuting even before their big production for their parents week before Christmas. Luke was super excited, and went over his lines again and again to be sure he had them down pat. Micah was excited because Luke was excited.

I pulled his royal gown out of the bag, and Micah's life ended. Think Teenager Having His Parents Come Lunch With Them At School kind of life ending. There was no way Micah was wearing that THING. Thankfully, I'm still somewhat bigger than he is, and I'm the mom. He put it on. And then asked to take it off.

No, you need to wear it for the play. See? The other kings are wearing their robes, too.

But he motioned to take it off, and raised his arms over his head to make things easier for me. And when I said, No, you need to wear it for the play, he told me in no uncertain terms that it was completely mortifying to be seen in. In fact, he wasn't going to be seen in it because he wasn't going to be in the play if he had to wear it. And we argued back and forth, making no headway on either side.

The play started, and Micah was sulking on a chair in the wings. One of the play staff tried coaxing him to go participate, but he was not going to be seen in That Embarrassing Thing. So I stepped in and reminded Micah that I was the mom, and that he needed to obey, and his job right now was to be in the play. I had little faith in that speech because Mr. I'm Too Stubborn For My Own Good kinda does his own thing regardless of what the consequences are. It was in my favor that the play was striking up an upbeat rendition of a Christmas song. It involved dance moves. Micah loves singing, and dancing, and chose that moment to get involved in the play. I certainly didn't win that battle, in case you're wondering.

The kids sang and talked and acted their way through the production, and after Micah's big shining moment as a Wise Man, one of the play staff helped the boys remove their robes. Micah looked over at me to be sure I saw him sans robe. But that wasn't enough. He had to walk off the stage and come show me that he was now in street clothes. Non-embarrassing ones at that. HE WON. And then he went back to finish the play, because he loves plays.

That kid will be the reason I someday end up with gray hair.

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Cindy said...

Wow! And you get to do it all again the week before Christmas?!