I Moved It, Alright

Micah's bus comes very early, because his school thought it would be fun to start very early this year. And because Murphy likes to rear his ugly head, this is the year that Micah has taken to sleeping in on occasion. These occasions, of course, always happen between Monday and Friday, but never on those days if it's a school holiday. Sometimes I wake him on the occasion that he sleeps in, and sometimes I do not. The "do not" days generally have something to do with whether or not I'll be in town that morning. I'm coming to realize that I'm in town a shocking number of mornings.

Since I had a 9AM doctor's appointment, and Micah was still sleeping at the time I needed to wake him for school, I chose to just let him sleep. I waved his van driver on, got a shower, and Micah and I had breakfast together before we headed out the door.

I ran back to the house for Micah's hat and gloves because our 50 degree weather turned into snow overnight and I figured he'd appreciate those items for recess. And then I ran back to the house again for the keys, because apparently it wasn't my morning to be organized.

It also wasn't my morning to be the classy mom at the bus drop, because as I was walking Micah in to the school to sign him in for tardiness, I realized that during one of my trips back into the house, Micah slipped a Happy Meal version of King Julian in my purse. He was happily, and quite loudly, declaring to everyone that he liked to move it, move it as I walked into the school office. Those toys should really come with a Break Me Now button.

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