It's Not a Resolution, It's a Lifelong Goal

20 tired boy
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Micah always wants to do what his older brothers do. He wants to be one of the boys more than anything else. For so long, he was left behind when they went and did. Sometimes it's because it was too cold (he doesn't like the cold) or he wasn't old enough, or just because he wasn't able to do what his brothers did and would be in their way without me there to play interference. I'm not about to send my baby into the woods when the older boys play Airsoft wars. I'm just not.

Today, the older boys were helping Daddy cut firewood, and Micah was sure he wanted to be part of the fun. He didn't know what fun they were getting into, but he knew they both put coats on and headed outside. By the time he got dressed and headed out himself, they were long gone. And because they were across the road, I needed to walk him there.

The path to "there" was through Gram & Pap's yard, past the stable, and through the horse pasture. This has been The Best Winter Ever so far, with a complete and total lack of snow. (You can probably hear me rejoicing inside my head over that fact. I love snow. I really do. But I'm rather snowed out and need an easy winter this year. My God is very good.) With the really nice weather, the horses have been out in pasture daily. This, in turn, makes a huge mud pit of the pasture. Smeary is a good, descriptive word.

I probably shouldn't have worn my slip-on shoes into the mud pit. Boots would have been good. Boots with good tread would have kept me from doing aerobic dancing to keep from going down when I slipped and slid in the smeary muck. Micah found my moves amusing. He didn't know mama was so flexible. Mama was unaware of her flexibility, too. Mama will most likely feel those moves in the morning.

About time I regained my balance and was able to remain in the fully upright position, Micah stepped in a divot. It was deep enough to engulf his whole foot, and the boy was not happy. In fact, he was rather freaked out. His sensory issues kicked in and the mud was more than he could bear. In his big-boy-I'm-growing-up way, he contained the freak and simply stood there and cried. Poor kiddo. He was horrified that his shoes were muddy, and there was nothing he could do about it. There was mud all around him, and he couldn't move without stepping in more mud. He was stuck.

That's when big brother Josh came to his rescue. He saw us making our way toward them in the mud pit, saw Micah's meltdown, and came to carry his baby brother to the worksite. What a hero, that boy. And Micah repaid the favor by stacking firewood in the back of the gator for his rescuer.

Micah just wants to be one of the boys, and every day he works hard to achieve that. Today he accomplished his goal.


jayna said...

That is just so, so sweet of big brother to come to the rescue :-)

Nikki said...

I love your family. Adopt me please?

wendy said...

What a great post!

(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

Dear me. My eyes are leaking over this. What good kids you have.