Man Bags and Consequences

Micah has an obsession with purses. Not just any type of purse, though. It has to have a single, long, over-the-shoulder kind of strap. I have Indiana Jones to thank for this. Micah has watched enough of his movies to know that any adventurous man needs a treasure bag to keep his loot in.

I cleaned out my purse stash (it's a huge one) and put the discards into the bag to donate to Salvation Army. Micah saw the pink polka dotted one with the long, single strap and claimed it as his own. He would randomly pack it with treasures and set off on an adventure. Or to church. Or even to school. (His treasures always seem to include an entire pack of crayons, a handful of pens, a highlighter, and a Bible. I've no idea why he has the need to write so much. Especially given the fact that getting him to actually use a writing utensil is a great big, giant struggle.)

But then Becky came home with a purse one day that Micah instantly fell in love with. For all practical purposes, it was a leather loot bag worthy of man love. When she's not using it, he is. This does not make Becky any too happy. To quote her, "my life is in there!" I think she pretty much means her iPod touch and her cell phone, but she claims there's so much more. Whatever. But I will support the fact that someone messing with your purse will make your head spin. DON'T TOUCH MA PURSE. *ahem*

The day that Micah took Becky's purse while she was at work (she only carries her wallet when she goes) and left it lay out in the field all day was the day we decided he needed his own leather man bag. Salvation Army is our go-to for cheap finds, and we were rewarded well. We found one that was almost identical to Becky's, only quite manly (for a ladies purse). We paid $2, which was awesome since one is never sure if things we deem VERY NEARLY PERFECT he is all THE HECK IT IS. The bag, however, was an instant win. We got lucky, for $2.

Micah wore his bag to Josh's basketball game the first night he had it. He carried his iEntertainment in it, because that's what treasure bags are for. The parents at the game clearly don't see little boys carrying man bags very often, because clearly they were taken aback at our boy proudly carrying his. Our boy never notices things like people looking askance at him, which I think is awesome. I'm learning from him to not notice things like that either. (It's not like I could actually do anything about the spilled coffee down my shirt front while I was in town anyway, you know? So, um.... yeh.) The next day Micah carried his murse to school, along with his bookbag and lunchbox. The proof of the litmus test was when he threw it over his shoulder upon getting out of the school van at the end of the day. Generally he gets tired of things by then and they're stuffed in his bookbag. That murse was a keeper!

And that night he wore it out to play Adventure in the yard. It was sometime late that night that I realized he didn't bring it in. Sam went looking around the 4 acres with a flashlight in the dark, but it was nowhere to be found. Micah just doesn't understand actions and consequences. Like any kid who hasn't learned these things yet, he'll lay something down and promptly forget that he's responsible for it. And he'll never remember where it is if you ask him. We were lucky that his purse was found the next day in Josh's trapping shed, safe and sound.

We weren't so lucky in the matter of his very favorite dress up shirt of all time. The night he lost his man bag was the night he tossed his shirt into the fire pit. Actions and consequences. We're hoping he grasps the connection someday, and sooner rather than later, but in the meantime we'll be going back to Salvation Army and hoping for another win.

That would be the last photo of that shirt. And the last hour that it was worn. May it's ashes be put to good use in the compost bin and make great and lovely things grow. Daggun it.

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