Oh, the things I find on Pinterest. Fun things and wonderful things and things I soooo want to do. It's the last category that can either be awesome or otherwise.

I have this love of rocks. It's borderline obsessive (I swear it's borderline. It is. Really.) but I don't really want help for it because OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THOSE ROCKS OVER THERE. I've been known to see a flat rock lying alongside the road and threaten to stop and make the kids pick it up for me. The only reason I haven't is because they've flat out told me they will not get out of the van if I stop it. Ungrateful kids.

My love of rocks and my love of Pinterest combined with a project I saw featured there. Behold, The Rug Invented Just For Me (or at least it should be named that):

Is that not a thing of beauty that you could love forever? *sigh* And how convenient that I actually have river rocks on a (very, very large) heap just wanting to be used for a project like that.

So I took myself out to the rock heap early one morning after getting Micah off to school, and armed with a bucket, I chose flat stones that were about the same thickness. I tried to estimate how many the project would take, and after choosing the correct amount of smooth, flat stones, I brought my treasures into the house.

Armed with a hot glue gun, an old and faded door mat, and enough glue sticks to bond every page of the New York City Yellow Pages together, I was ready to make my very own super awesome rock rug. It would be the coolest door mat ever and I would love it with a borderline obsession.

I read the instructions (because I'm a rule follower, and not an idiot) (turns out, the instructions pretty much were "glue the rocks to the mat. It helps to start at the middle and not the end.") and commenced with gluing. I put hot glue on a coldish rock and smacked it down right in the center of the rug. It didn't care to be there and moved. I'm pretty sure I heard it say, "I made your hot glue null and void. Neener neener." So I waited a few hours before trying again.

The rest of the rug went a bit better, but every now and again I'd get a rock that thought it great sport to mock me. And then I ran out of rocks when I was half done with both the rug and the day. Good grief, what an epic waste of time.

What did you do today, honey?

I glued rocks to a rug.


I glued rocks to a rug.


It sounded like a good idea at the time.

. . . . . . . . . .


What else did you do today?


And then just about the time I ran out of rocks I realized the rug was going to weigh a ton, and for convenience I was making this project on the kitchen counter. (What? You don't do your outdoor projects involving rocks in your kitchen?) If I finished it right there on the counter, how on earth would I get that thing off the counter? So I did what anyone would do. I folded it up, wrestled it outside, and put it at the bottom of the patio steps.

I have to say, the thing looks awesome, and feels even better underfoot than I imagined it would. (And my imagination ran wild. I'm sure you can imagine, what with my rock obsession and all.) Of course it's unfinished, and will most likely remain so the rest of it's life. And of course some rocks are coming off already because I used hot glue and not Gorilla Glue, which will be my next step if I should ever get the notion to finish that thing.

Which, you know, I hadn't thought about the genius idea to use Gorilla Glue until just this minute as I was writing about this. I'll be needing to finish that rug now. In the meantime, I took a picture of the awesomeness to show y'all, and as I was focusing the camera, the shot was photobombed. You don't believe me? The owner of those feet looked at me, looked at the rug, realized the camera was aimed at something called Not Him, and promptly stepped into the shot. The irony of the situation is that if That Certain Someone sees a camera aimed anywhere near his general direction, he'll subtly turn himself so that his face is hidden from my view.

Behold, the photobombing feet.

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I was wondering when you said that you used hot glue, how that was ever going to stick. Perfect dry run stuff, though. Gorilla Glue is bad ass and will stick any unruly child to the sidewalk long enough to get the house clean... Er, wait a minute... that's not what I meant... ;-)