Micah has been pilfering things from his sister's room. A pink highlighter here, a chapstick there. I find these things in my sewing room, which Micah thinks of as his secret hideout. But on Saturday, he outdid himself. He was left alone for about 30 minutes while I was outside doing some gardening.

When I visited the sewing room later in the day, I found this:

Those are things snagged from daddy's closet, Josh's room, and Becky's room. There are 3 sticks of deodorant, 2 tubes of toothpaste, 2 toothbrushes, 2 bottles of cologne and 1 perfume, hand lotion, floss, nail polish, a screwdriver, chapstick, a headband, a bracelet, a pink highlighter, a necklace, Becky's work name badge and driver's license, and a random note.

Clearly there is an obsession with personal hygiene. Ironic, since the boy wears dirt like an accessory.

I'm guessing he's plotting world domination. He's got the essentials, and fake ID. He's good to go.

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Cindy said...

Beth went through a phase like this! She would go into her sisters rooms and just take stuff. We'd punish and she'd have things taken away from her, but she continued. Thank goodness she no longer steals from us.

I hope this is only a phase for Micah as well!