No, We Have No Masked Walruses

Our dress up box contains a lot of piratical gear. We have boys, what can I say? The masks, swords, and hats generally get played with daily, as do the super hero capes. We've got a LOT of masks, because they generally go with any outfit. That's probably why Luke got the bright idea he did today.

"Mom, can I wear this mask outside today to get a suntan around it?"

Sure, I said. Because it would make a super awesome summer tan, wouldn't it? And then he added the mustache, but wasn't happy with the results. Don't tell him that he looks like a walrus, okay?

So he laid on the trampoline, soaking up the sun. And he sat on the patio with me while I read a book.

And he asked if he could have a piece of aluminum foil to reflect the sun onto his face to speed the process along.

And then he peeled off his tusks, uh, I mean mustache, and asked if he was tanned yet.

No, son, it's going to take HOURS to even begin.

"Well that's bogus," he said as he removed his mask, too.

How long did you think it would take? I asked him.

"About 30 minutes or so," he replied.

Wouldn't it be nice if everything were that instant? And sadly, I will not have a masked walrus living with us this summer.

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