Mickey on Your Shirt

So way back in the spring when I was all super excited about our upcoming trip to Disney, I made those Mickey shirts for the family to wear. I has occurred to me that I never posted the end result of that project.

That's Luke, Micah & Josh sporting their shirts. Becky is sporting her "oooh, look! A lifeguard sweatshirt! I've always wanted one!" hoodie. And yes, Josh is wearing a Mickey shirt. It's a Mickey head in the bottom left corner. Look closer. It's there, I promise. That was the original one I made him, thinking that a teen boy would be all, "really? A Mickey Mouse shirt?" S I made it as subtle as I could. And then he was all, "why doesn't my Mickey stand out very much?" so I made him another, custom designed upon his request, and packed it in his suitcase as a surprise for him.

What's that? He's not wearing it? No. No, he's not. That's because on the day we were driving home from vacation he pulled his very last shirt from the suitcase and said, "sweet! When did you make this? I didn't even see it!"


This is Becky's shirt. She was wearing it the day we wore ours, of course, right up until she declared it so cold that she had to don a sweatshirt. In Florida. In May.


I accidentally pinned it onto the back of the shirt rather than the front, but she said she preferred it there and to just go ahead and sew it down. I have to say, it was a clever mistake. We both really like it.

And that pretty girl walking with Becky is her BFF that went with us. I made her a shirt as well, but it's not the one she's wearing. The homemade Mickey one was a matching one to Becky's, and poor kiddo was so sunburned that day that she chose a shirt to cover her shoulders and back. In looking through pictures, I do not have photographic evidence that her shirt exists, nor the ones Sam and I were wearing. Shame, really. But anyhoo, for those who asked, the results are above.

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