And We Thought She Was The Smart One

Because Sam had to work on Independence Day, we put off doing fireworks until tonight. It's a family event and we don't want anyone missing out. You have to know, though, that Pennsylvania is lame when it comes to the fireworks department. We're pretty much allowed to purchase anything that glows and sparkles. If it shoots and explodes, it's illegal. We're a legal kind of family, so we glow and sparkle. We also occasionally get some fizz in there, too. That's fun.

Pennsylvania laws are A-OK with Micah, though, because the boy is terrified of fireworks. The local ski resort that we can see on the furthest hill is about 8 miles away. While you can see their pretty display of fireworks (they also did theirs a day late) you can't hear them. Okay, you can, but it sounds like low thunder, which doesn't faze Micah at all. But the fact that he saw them exploding into the sky (the ski resort has the exploding ones because they have a fun license to do so) he high-tailed it into the house and fussed his displeasure.


So we started our fireworks display on the patio without him, hoping to lure him out with the promise of his very own sparkly sparkler. Turns out, sparklers aren't where it's at, he's more in love with the poppers that snap when tossed onto the pavers. Sadly, those ran out all too soon.

So while Micah was trying to decide if he was going to be part of the family fun or not, the Boston terrier jumped in to fill the gap left by his indecision. There's something about terriers that makes them insanely stupid. It's part of the reason that I love terriers as a whole.

While the spinny, sparkly things were emitting flames while dancing across the patio, Tink took chase. It went out by the time she caught up with it, but she wasn't deterred. She nearly caught the next one. We figured she'd learn when her nose got a zing with a hot spark.

She didn't. She picked up the third one in her mouth. I've checked, and somehow she managed to avoid getting burned, but we learned that she had to be told to stay away from them. Sadly, she's the smart one amongst the house dogs.

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