The Boys Take Over Everything

We had a family picnic on the 3rd of July because that's the date that was convenient for everyone. The cousins were here, so Becky took her favorite redheaded 8 year old cousin to the gardens to pick flowers for vases. Why have gardens if you don't enjoy the spoils of them? And at our place, everything is fair game for display. The favorite redheaded 8 year old chose chives for her bouquet. Purple really is a nice color.

The girls arefully arranged their bouquets into several different vases, placing them here and there around the kitchen. Then we all stood back and enjoyed the results. Cut flowers are fun. Cut flowers from your own garden are fab. But cut flowers that the kids arrange for you with love are the very best ever.

But we're a family populated by boys. They manage to leave a fingerprint on just about everything. Literally and figuratively.

I hope your holiday was as family friendly and fun as ours was. And that kids managed to leave fingerprints all over it. That's when you know you're having fun.

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