And You Can't See Either

I'm still getting used to these bifocals. I had no idea that glasses would be all consuming of my days. I really did envision getting glasses and, you know, BEING ABLE TO SEE. The whole thing where I can drive better without them, and where I get dizzy when I turn my head too fast, is disconcerting. They say it'll take time to adjust. I just find it a bit deceptive that the eye doctor is not the one that told me thesis things, but friends who also lived through an adjustment period. There is hope, at least, if others are surviving this thing called aging. But I did find a reason to absolutely love my glasses. Besides seeing clearly when my head is tilted and angled just right, my glasses make messy hair look awesome. No, really, they do. Since its way super hot, I pretty much only style my hair in a ponytail or a bun. But I've got these wispy ends that will insist on coming out no matter how many bobby pins or clips I employ to keep them tucked in. And weirdly, my glasses make those wispy strays look rather purposeful and adultish. Which is good, because I need help in the "looking like an adult" department on most occasions. Sadly I do not have a photo to share to prove my point. My computer is currently at the shop incurring a bill, because it wants to feel a bit more adult, too. I have no photo uploading capabilities without it. True story.

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Cindy said...

You make me smile! I know how you feel with the bifocals. A few months ago I went from bifocals... to progressive lenses! I can relate to the 'getting dizzy when you turn your head too fast' comment. And when I take my glasses off at night, it feels like my eyes are twitching, very strange! This aging thing is for the birds!!