I'll Never Look At Mousse The Same Again

Nothing good ever comes from phrases such as, "I bet you can't fit that whole spoonful of mousse in your mouth." And yet, when a teen boy hears phrases like that spoken, all they hear is, "you are a loser if you don't do it." And something in their brain shuts off as they proceed to prove the challenger wrong. This, my friends, is why you never challenge a teen boy to do anything stupid. Eating mousse is one thing, but jumping off the house roof is totally another, and once that brain shuts off, there is no difference between the two in the mind of that teen boy.

I read a book by Dr. Dobson once that said if your teen boy makes it to the age of 18 alive, you've done a good job as a parent. He speaks from experience, that man does.

For some really odd reason, I took my camera to the restaurant. I have the mousse incident on digital imagery to forever prove that teen boys can't back down from a challenge.

Clearly, the first step is making sure that both spoonfuls are of equal size.

Sculpting of the spoonful is totally acceptable, as long as you don't "accidentally" drop some back into the bowl.

But at some point, the sculpting must turn into actual eating.

Pulled jaw muscles are a side effect of widely opening, but it's well worth the price.

And then things got ugly, because when you have more mousse in your mouth than will actually fit, there will be oozing.

Fact: When you're laughing so hard that you can't hold the camera still, whatever minimal photography skills you had with an inept lens will completely go out the window.

 Eventually the whole restaurant will be looking your way, because you are laughing uncontrollably, and there are boys with chocolate oozing out of their mouths, and you know that it'll be a long time before you're able to show your face in THAT restaurant again. But it'll be worth it, because laughing over meals at, er, with each other is what family time is all about.


Mary said...

You are such a good mom! Boys are funny funny creatures! and you are totally right... laughing together is the best.

Karen Deborah said...

love it! So how many servings of chocolat mousse did they get to eat? Hopefully you were at a BUFFET!!