My Son Is Listed As An Asset On My Resume

Because life is all about change, I am currently job hunting. This is neither a good nor a bad thing, it's just a thing. You gotta roll with the punches, you know? But I have learned a few things already, and it's been approximately 3 days since I've set foot on this path.

There are shockingly few jobs out there that pay insane amounts of money for entry level positions. I know you're just as surprised by this as I am. I mean, how is a mom supposed to work full time at a job that she'll land with little to no higher education? If I was qualified to be something Super Spectacular, or even Educated For The Workforce, it would help. My one year of business way back in 1989 is not even laughable. It's pitiful. 

But on the other hand, I'm just as surprised by the jobs available that I'd actually classify as fun. I believe everyone should enjoy their work, but sometimes that's just not the best option. If I can find something that doesn't qualify as actual work and still get paid, it would definitely be awesome. Like the event coordinator for children at the library. Who wouldn't want that job? Or maybe that's because I'm a giant book nerd.

Resumes have changed. A lot. I mean, they're now being submitted via email, not neatly typed (on a typewriter!) on fine linen paper and mailed in manilla envelopes. I feel like I'm stuck in 1989. But seriously, the last resume I wrote was 16 years ago for Sam when he transitioned out of the military into the civilian world. Things. They have changed. A lot.

And while we're talking about resumes, it seems that a few of the jobs I've been eyeballing need specialized resumes, so a generic "this is what I've done" kind of thing is completely out the window. I mean, when one of the job qualifications is "parent of a student with disabilities," listing your last job (17 years ago) is irrelevant. Micah is now part of my resume. I am always humbled at the blessings that kid brings our way.

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LEsherick said...

That job at the library yep I applied for that, good luck in finding a job. I hope it all works out for you.