Three Blind Mice

I got my computer back, so that's a plus. It's still kinda sorta broken, so that's a minus. It will go back to the shop tomorrow and hopefully be restored to it's old and lovable self by the end of the day. So while tonight's post will have paragraphs, there is no guarantee for future posts.

If anyone can tell me why the iPad eats the paragraph separations and smacks everything all together, making me look like I have no idea how to write beyond a preschool level, let me know. Frustrating. That's what that is.

So anyhoo....

We had a great time at COSI. We, as an entire family, slept in until 9AM for two days while on our mini vacation. Let it be known that on vacations, Micah is up even earlier than his usual fun time of 6:30AM, because he might miss something fun. While we're sleeping. And locked in a tiny square room. The boy has issues.

While we were at COSI, having a great time not chasing Micah down again and again, and leisurely enjoying every exhibit that interested us, we were accosted by the scientists at Ohio State conducting an eye survey. Would we possibly be interested in participating in a study of the cornea? It involved an in-depth eye exam, about 30 minutes of our time, and a $20 Target Gift Card. Of course, if we wanted the gift card, that was an additional study that would take an additional 30 minutes.

My kids heard $20 GIFT CARD and signed on the dotted line. All three of them. So Sam and I waited while the kids had their eyes examined, and photos of their corneas taken, and their right eyes dilated. And then we waited while the dilation drops did their good work, and waited some more while the scientists compared the dilated right cornea to the normally working left cornea.

They were offered an eye patch for their right eye since light would bother it, but Becky and Josh turned it down. I mean, what teen is going to be seen walking around with an eye patch? We bet the teens their $20 gift cards that Luke was going to take one, though. They didn't take us up on the bet, and it's a shame, too, because he proudly wore his out of the office.

"Well, duh!," he said. "It was free!" I raised my kids to appreciate a bargain, apparently.

And as an aside, this $60 study would not have been possible if Micah was along. There is absolutely no way we could have entertained that energetic little man for over an hour while we waited for the kids to turn into freaks.

Yeh, freaks. We got great entertainment out of the one huge pupil and one small one. Hours of entertainment. Becky's wasn't that noticeable since she inherited my hazel eyes, but the boys icy blue ones make it quite obvious. And it was hysterical. We laughed about their "one good eye" all day long. And then we took them to Target after we were done at the museum because they had money burning holes in their pockets.

Josh spent his (and every cent of cash he owns, plus what's owed him) on the new iPod Touch he's wanted. Good investment. But Luke and Becky couldn't find anything worth blowing $20 on. A little thing here and another little thing there, but nothing big. They still have a balance on their cards. I REALLY did a good job at teaching my kids the value of a bargain. When it's your money, you spend it wisely.

And because I forgot my camera, I do not have pictures of my three kids with their freaky right eyes. The teens got eye patches to donate to Micah (pirate gear!) and at one point they were all wearing them while walking to the van. I want to go on record as saying that we do not randomly poke our kids in their right eyes.

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Roger Miller said...

You should have them recreate the experience so that you can get photographic proof. :) At least have them wearing the eye patches - I so would have done that. :)