The Jack and Micah Show

Micah wants a dog that he can play with. With all the dogs we have here, none of them play with him. None of the idiots know how to fetch, and if they do, they're smart enough not to let us know about it for fear we'll actually make them do it. The Boston is the only one who'll actually hang out with Micah. The spaniels find him terrifying (and I don't know why, really. He never wages war on them with the Nerf dart guns more than once weekly. Sheesh.), and the corgis pretty much only think of him as a food dispenser that need to be completely ignored if the dish is empty. We have high hopes for Jack. A new puppy that we can train to be a playmate for Micah.

The first night we had Jack, we taught him to fetch. We were on a roll.

Over the weekend, Micah wanted to play War On Dogs again. After a few laps around the open floor plan of the house, the spaniels and the Boston were smart enough to take refuge in their crates. This, of course, is exactly what Micah wants them to do, and he locked the door. He was none too happy when I made him unlock it. Dogs just can't spend all day in their crates; I mean, how would they work on annoying me to the point of ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH if they're crated?

So Luke and Micah used the dart guns for a better purpose. Or at least another one. They set up a shooting range in the house. Why I don't have photos of this is a very good question, but I do have one of Jack getting in on the action. Or getting on top of things.  Whatever.

Jack is turning out to be a keeper in the "plays with kids" department. Micah was especially thrilled that Jack fell instantly in love with the table fort. I won't be the one to tell the kiddo that Jack was simply looking for a quiet den of a place to gnarl on a Happy Meal toy, because if Micah was creative enough to make a doggie jail in lieu of the crates, I'm not going to discourage him.

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