And Then The Family Fell Like Flies

Apparently it's the husband's job to make me go to bed at night. When he's not here, I find myself up until the wee smalls (growing in the larger morning hours) and then think, "well nuts. I'm going to regret this in the morning, aren't I?"

The answer is yes. Yes, I did.

When I managed to almost sort of doze off (but oh, the work I got done last night!), I heard a kid barf. Stellar. It was a teen, and they're self sufficient in the Barfing In The Middle Of The Night arena so I continued on with my dozing, noting the clock said 3:20AM.  At 6:20 I heard the same, from another teen. Turns out, I slept through the pre-teen taking his turn at 5:00. It was an all night tag team with the toilet, and I was loving the fact that not only did I sleep through it (for the most part) but that I was not responsible for clean up.

And then the day started. The third teen said his stomach was queasy, so that left Micah as the only kid in the house not currently down with something cruddy. I decided that he was staying home, too, because riding the bus alone is not an option I love for him, and I didn't relish going to get him at noon anyway when I'd get the call from the school nurse that he made sacrifice to the porcelain god, too.

Except he didn't get sick. I'm so glad, mind you, but definitely could have gotten more work done with him in school than home. Although God is good, and Micah was on super really good almost not him kind of behavior today. Still, he's a busy kind of guy.

So I spent the day working, and taking care of dogs, and pretending that barfing wasn't happening all around me, and entertaining Micah, and trying really super hard not to breathe the air in the house. Especially when I had to walk into the teen boys' room. With them in there exhaling contaminated fumes all day with the door closed, I am pretty sure the room is now a petri dish of diseases. A Lysol mask needs to be invented. Inhaling through the cleansing, germ-killing effects of Lysol, would be a good thing.

I live in mortal dread, however, that those 3 hours of non-sleep I got last night are not enough to bolster my immune system against whatever it is that took the family down in one fell swoop. And I fear that Micah and I will get it together tomorrow. Which would suck, because how would I care for him when I need care myself? And who cares for mama, really?

So, look! Cute puppy! Because we all need a distraction from thinking about germs.

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wendy said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon.