Losing It, One Brain Cell At A Time

We voted today, because it's my God-given right as an American to do so. Because I took time out of my day to vote, and to photograph puppies for a potential new owner (who turned into a certified new owner because of said photographs), I missed my work deadline.

People, I'm not sleeping well at night. I have come to realize that I enjoy work immensely. Turns out I was bored being a stay-at-home mom. Who knew? Being a working mom is certainly taking care of the boredom, but the adjustment from eating bon bons to having daily deadlines is keeping me up at night. When I finally get to sleep, I wake randomly in the night and think of the work I should be doing. And then of the sleep I should be getting. And the more I think, the less sleep I get. It's a vicious cycle that's got me functioning on adrenaline alone at this point. I'm on the verge of collapse. Preferably into a soft, downy bed with no alarm clock on the night stand.

I'm not complaining, mind you, just journaling, so that one day I can look back on this and say, "really?! What ailed me?" But I'm grateful for a boss that understands that sometimes deadlines are missed, and kindly said to just get it there in the morning. So that means I'll be up until the wee smalls again because I have a first thing in the morning appointment. Sleep is for the weak, right?

But hey, in the good news front, my sweet babies are finding homes. We have four homes for one week old puppies, and that just boggles my sleep deprived brain. That only leaves us with three more little dears to find homes for, and we've got lots of time before they're ready to leave here. I'm glad, too. It's been so long since I've had puppies here. Gosh, I love them. See?

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Cindy said...

I understand! I've been working outside the home for 10 years but still find it hard to balance both. When I'm at home I think about what needs to be done at work and when I'm at work... I hope you're able to get a good nights sleep real soon!