The Christmas Play Was Awesome

Micah loves drama. The acting kind, not so much the "oh my gosh, he said she said and oh my gosh it was soooooooooooo bad" kind. (Related: I'm sooooooooooo glad that my only daughter is way more mature than that kind of stuff. I now know why I have a majority of boys.)

So today was the kids Christmas play at church. I saw a preview of this last week when the kids put it on at the nursing home for the residents there. While it was fun, it wasn't the real deal, you know? Today was so much more awesome, and I'm just sad that I don't have a video copy of it, because I'd like to watch every single kid every single minute of the production. The things I miss when I look from one end of the stage to another is sad. Becky said Micah held up his "gun hand" and shot someone at one point during the performance. He has little tolerance for forgetting lines, apparently.

The very beginning of the program had an appearance by King Herod. He was a grumpy king, and had angry palace guards standing by his side. Micah was one of them. Oh my gosh, people, the funny that THAT was. It took me a while to realize that Micah was acting and not pouting. His acting angry face involved a protruding lower lip (and boy howdy did it protrude!), and raised eyebrows, which totally didn't go with a pouty lip. Sadly, this is all the photographic evidence of that wondrous piece of acting that I have. Look closely, to the right of the picture, and you'll see Micah, just out of focus, being angry.

The most fun thing about that pose is that someone must have told him that he was doing an excellent job of being angry. He did a thumbs' up very briefly, even while his arms were crossed, and the corners of his mouth turned up for 1.5 seconds while his lower lip still protruded. It's all about staying in character, man.

After every song that the kids performed, Micah wouldn't simply sit down and wait like the rest of the cast. Oh, no. They did an excellent job, and he was proud of them. And himself. He would do a double fist pump way up in the air, and then sit down. After every song. I do not have photos of that. I suck as a photographer.

And poor Luke. That boy has an incredibly flair for the dramatic. He loves acting. This was him last week.

This week, however, he wasn't up to snuff. He says it wasn't nerves, so it must have been something he ate. Either way, he was suffering a moderate case of "please don't let me soil myself" the entire play. At one point, he was gripping a table and was looking rather fearful. The extent of his acting abilities, while incapacitated this week:

The poor, poor kiddo. But he did so well regardless. If only he could have had the fortitude to be more dramatic.

The end of the play came, and the kids all stood to receive applause before sitting down again. Except for Micah. He did a good job, and took full credit for his awesomeness. He took a bow. A sweeping one, with a hand at his waist for flourish. And then another. And another. And another. And he was pretty much on a bowing spree that wouldn't stop. The church started in with an AWWW or two and ended up in roaring laughter. To Micah, that was better than applause. Fueling the fire, man.

That's the boy, bowing away, just right of center.

But the best thing about the play this year were Mary and Joseph. The cute factor was off the charts.

You're welcome.

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Trisha said...

Sorry I have been gone for a while but I am back now and hope to catch up on your family. Micah seems to be doing well - I love the pouting mad face! And the bowing!