The Fashion Parade Of Nightmares

Becky's boyfriend spent part of his birthday at our house. He must be twitterpated or something, choosing to spend time at the Crazy House when he could be out celebrating. And because every celebration is all about Micah (in his mind), the boy just took over the small celebration we had for the guest of honor. I've got a homemade banner that we hang for all birthdays, and Micah insisted that we hang it. And insisted that he help blow out candles. But it was when he saw me making photo booth props that he had a grand idea to celebrate in style.

Photo props? Oh, those. Yes. I'm making a ton of fun things to use for parties that I'll be in charge of in the next few months. It's perfect entertainment for all ages, and fun on my part as well. It's a win all around, really. Especially when they inspire a new party tradition.

Micah saw the top hat and bowtie prop, and decided to be an announcer. For a fashion show. He got out every stitch of dress-up clothing we own, set up chairs for the audience, made us sit, chose his victims, er, models, and the show was on. And because pretty much everyone does just exactly what Micah asks you to do, a fashion show was had, and it was incredibly fun. Meet the host of our show.

The boys really got into things, and it became a contest to see who could mix and match the most ostentatious things.

And bless his heart, even the guest of honor bows to Micah's wishes. Happily. But then there is that thing where he's twitterpated.

I mean, only love would make someone wear that publicly. Or even privately. I'm fairly certain Batman never had a nappy 'fro going on. It's pretty awesome, really.

Josh was desperately trying to eat dinner since he was out working until the start of the fashion show, but he was roped into service, too.

And then Becky was asked to host the show while Micah dressed up.

And that's about the time we realized that Micah would absolutely love a dress-up party for his birthday this spring. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to make that happen. Because it has to be fabulous.


Mary said...

Your family always appears to be having so much fun. No wonder the boyfriend was a good sport Im guessing a party pooper wouldn't last long in the boyfriend department.

I'm pretty sure getting everyone around you to do everything you want is a privledge that comes with the chromosome. Riley once got my parents to play an airband while eating at a Chinease restaurant.

wendy said...

Great pictures!! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!