The Only Thing Constant Is Change

It's time for change again. Last week, I resigned the typing position that I'd held for just a few months. It was totally unplanned, and very unexpected. It took me a while to realize what I'd done, and a while longer to figure out how I felt about it. But when my thoughts settled, I looked around the aftermath of the decision and realized that it was a very good thing indeed. The husband had been pushing for me to quit almost as soon as I'd taken the job, and the kids hated the extra chores that I'd imposed on them since I just didn't have time to do everything myself.  In some ways, I feel like a failure, with no commitment or follow-through. But in most ways, I know it was a good thing. Mostly because my stress level s normal again, and I smile upon greeting the day.

We'll have to figure out the money thing later, but in the meantime, I realized just how much I love sewing. My new found free time is spent designing and creating so much fun for the store, and I've decided to add baby things back into the shop as well as the shirts I've been creating for so long. And I feel a bit better about my lack of commitment and follow-through when I think of The Rocking Pony. I've had that little store for 6.5 years, and am just as excited about it now as I was when I opened it back in 2006. That's a very good thing. Especially given the fact that it's so much more work than simply typing. I laughed one day when I got a soliciting phone call from someone wanting me to advertise nationally. He just couldn't wrap his brain around the fact that I had no employees. I, alone, was in charge of creating new designs, making those designs come to life, photographing the creations, creating listings, purchasing supplies, customer service, packing and shipping, and accounting. It was all me, and I didn't really want to get to the point where I would outgrow the need to be just me.

As cool as it would it be for The Rocking Pony to grow into something nationally recognized as a leading children's boutique, I fear that's when I'd stop enjoying the work and start stressing. I am happiest puttering away in my sewing room at my own pace, making customers happy and creating whatever I want, without a department head telling me that that pattern is outdated, or that design has been around too long. I'll figure these things out myself, and I'm happy doing it. In this family, we've always chosen happiness over finances every time the opportunity was presented. And while we're lacking things like cable TV and smart phones, even our kids rarely complain. In fact, they did the happy dance when I announced my resignation from the work world. We have taught our kids well. Happiness is not something that money brings, and priorities need to be arranged accordingly.


Annette {This Simple Home} said...

Karen, I'm glad to hear you say that. It's good to know when you are doing the right thing!

(And if you want to put a little ad on my blog, you are welcome to...or more.)

Cindy said...

Doesn't it give you such peace of mind to know that you're in the exact place you're supposed to be? So happy for this new, less stressful place in your life.