What An Awesome Welcome Back to Full Time Parenting

When I had that job that I no longer have, I specifically chose one that would allow me to be home with the kids. And yet, it's shocking how absent one is when one is working at home. Women are the ultimate multi-taskers, but my constant cries of, "I can't, I'm working" were finally heard and the kids finally just let me alone in my room, sequestered from the family, working feverishly for too-long hours. (It sounds as though I hated the job. It's not true. I enjoyed the work. I really did.) And I missed so much of my kids, and family life. Like the thing that happened yesterday.

I was in the sewing room, working feverishly for too-long hours, and enjoying every minute of it. While sewing, my daughter and I can have deep and lengthy conversations, and Luke can read to me from The Guinness Book of World Records and we can discuss interesting facts that we both learn, and Micah can play in my presence as loudly as he pleases. 

While I was sewing, Micah peeked his head in the door, signed for me to "sit," and then motioned for me to follow him. I followed. He snagged Luke and Becky the same way, and we all filed downstairs where we were greeted with chairs set up that we were to sit in as an audience. Micah has been watching a lot of comedy shows, involving puppets, and decided to do his own show for us. Woody, Jessie, & Buzz were the puppets, and each had to take a turn, then interact with each other. Luke and Becky groaned, sometimes outwardly, and were a bit reluctant to encourage further shows with too-exuberant clapping.

But  not me. I loved every minute of it, even if a comedy show put on by a kid who can't talk isn't as engaging as all that. Because this is exactly the kind of stuff that I missed when I was working from home. So that I could still be with the kids. I missed this. I missed my kids entertaining me, and me interacting with them, and having time to spend together. And Micah was so kind in knowing that I needed this kind of parenting moment.

There's nothing like a comedy routine to make your day 310% better.

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I love the shirt! did you make it?
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