It's All Him, And Kinda Awesome

So this picture from yesterday? How fun, really. We had the dress up party for Micah's birthday, and he spent the previous night at Grandma's house. I'd forgotten to send dress-up clothes in his overnight bag, but figured it wasn't the worst thing in the world since I was taking most of his dress-up clothes to the party anyway.

Leave it to Micah to take matters into his own hands.

He decided to be an elf. He put on his red striped pajamas that I'd packed, donned a t-shirt of Grandma's, added her belt, and grabbed her boots with the furry tops. Except he left the boots at home when he actually packed the outfit to take to the party. The hat was found and added to the ensemble.

I have to say it's one awesome elf costume. That boy must get his creative last-minute flair from his mother. And it also explains why Micah was rocking pajamas at his 10th birthday party.

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