He Talks Like A Boy

Micah came home from school Thursday evening and talked. It was just amazing. The boy just talked and talked and talked, and was fairly intelligible.

"Becky, help please!"

"Bless you," said after anyone sneezed or coughed. Which was a lot, because the family is suffering from The Worst Cold We've Ever Experienced, And It's Not The Flu Because We Had That, Too, So We Can Compare. This cold hangs on for a month and refuses to die. It will also make you cough so horribly at inconvenient times that you'll have to excuse yourself from polite society and either change your pants from extreme bladder exertion, or get a drink to calm the tickle in your throat. The latter is preferable, of course, if you have a choice.

"Egg, egg, egg," because he wants three eggs and for whatever odd reason refuses to say "three eggs." I'm not really sure why I correct this. I love it.

"Mom, Jack outside."

All of this is amazing. I know he says these things regularly, but they sound more like, "AAAAAAHHHHH," and they all sound the same. Everything is "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH." He isn't huge on enunciating past that much. Except last night he was, and I reveled in everything he said.

Even when Micah was sick at 2AM and barfed on our bedroom carpet, his speech was pretty amazing. After he was done offering sacrifice to the porcelain god of the bathroom, he stood up, surveyed the nasty on the rug behind him, and said, "Ewww, yuck!" That was a good sign that he wasn't really that sick, but simply suffering from The Worst Cold Ever. He probably had a phlegm attack that brought on a coughing fit, and it got out of hand. But he was right. The carpet contained a lot of EEWWW, YUCK.

(As an aside, I'd like to ask why kids will pretend that they do not have garbage cans in their bedrooms, but will instead run down a carpeted hallway, right past their own bathroom, and run through our bedroom to our bathroom. Is it for maximum carpet spoilage?)

I kept Micah home from school in the event that he was going to upchuck again, but he didn't. That's alright. I don't like sick kids, and since Micah wasn't sick I pretty much had a fun day with him at home. And it was even more awesome because his speech was still turned on. I heard him loud and clear when he said, "Mom! My butt!" as he was bending over and mooning me.

Kids are so awesome, aren't they?

But I understood it even without the visual, and that IS awesome.

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Annette {This Simple Home} said...

I know Meghan and Micah are very different, and her apraxia was rather mild, but I will just say that once she started putting a handful of words together and saying words/approximations without prompting, more and more came.

May this be the beginning for Micah!!