She's 18!

The blog seems to be all about Micah all the time. In fact, you'd not know that we have other kids here if you didn't read it in the bio. We try not to play favorites. Honest. But the fact remains that the other kids are to the age where they want their lives to be a bit more private, and I can respect that.

However, there are times when I just don't care. Over the weekend, our daughter turned 18. That's a huge milestone. And yet, it took me several days to actually write this post. We really do try not to play favorites here! I had a perfectly legitimate excuse. I was sick. Dude, the sick I suffered from was nasty to behold.  But it's over now and I'm getting around to blogging about the daughter's 18th birthday.

Can you believe we have a kid that's 18? Because I'm having a hard time with it myself. It just seems like yesterday that she was born at Ft. Wainwright Army Hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska. And the night she was born, the northern lights danced in rainbow colors. Most nights they're just green. Even the heavens rejoiced with us over her birth.

Eighteen years have seen her grow into a wonderful young lady that we're so incredibly proud of.  She's far more mature than some adults. She is wise beyond her years, and intuitive. She's a best friend and a wonderful daughter. There's so much we're proud of. So very, very much.

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