Henrietta's Photo Shoot

The kids are having fun with the chicks in the house. Or at least the boys are. Becky likes to turn the lights on and off, but that's pretty much her extent of chicken loving. The boys, however, are having a good time with them. Each boy has claimed one and named it. The nephew's is Cadence, and he's teaching it to come to him when he plays heavy metal music. So far, the poor chick cowers in the back of the crate and shakes with fear when it hears the music playing. She's coming along. Josh named his Nicki Flash. He's not exactly certain which one is his, though. "It's the one that holds its head the highest" isn't all that descriptive. That's like saying "the person that breathes through their mouth." There are so many of them that hold their heads high, and they take turns doing it. But we do know that it's one of the red ones and not a white one, so that narrows it down to just 5 chicks to choose from. Luke called his Henrietta, and he's teaching her to walk up his arm and perch on his shoulder. He's been the most successful so far in accomplishing his goal.

He also decided to make Henrietta do a lot of fun things, and we took pictures of the fun. Micah now thinks that baby chicks are toys to be played with, but shares Becky's fear of birds (why are my kids so terrified of fowl?) so wants anyone else to play with them on whatever he demands they play with.

Behold, Henrietta.

Who is the real chick, and who is the imposter?

Henrietta, stunt driving.

Henrietta, the dinosaur defeater.

Henrietta, daring trolls to overtake her bridge.

Henrietta, semi-surfing down the highway.

Henrietta in the lookout tower, keeping an eye out for evil everywhere.

Henrietta, storming the castle.

Henrietta, cruising in the 'Stang.

Henrietta, mastering world domination.


I'm telling you, chicks are the best things to play with ever. Ask Micah, he'll agree.


jayna said...

These are so awesome. Now I want chicks to play with!

wendy said...

This has to be the cutest post! I love baby chicks, but not to thrilled when they get bigger..

Heather said...

Haha, this might just be The Best Photo Shoot Ever!